This project involved the interior design for an Internet company with a staff of 200.

Conceptually, the design had to allow for flexibility and growth, create a casual workplace with flat hierarchy and generate a stimulating atmosphere for creativity, experimentation and innovation, qualities that are indispensable for an Internet company.

These were achieved by the use of Herman Miller workstations and also the form, space, colour and material manipulations at distinct areas such as the meeting room, conference room, brainstorming room and call centre.

The design explored the juxtaposition of colours with materials such as glass, metals and chipboards to mould a New Age environment suited for the young and creative dot com company.

A colour palette of purple, green and yellow is used to highlight different spaces at the reception, corridors and rooms. In the meeting and conference rooms, the use of chipboard, with natural varying wood colour is contrasted with the metallic silver doors and brings out the spatial layering of the folded-forms.


Completed 1999